Michigan State Pride- Flint When Is Enough Bad News Enough?

Flint Water Crisis: Tests Detect Random Lead Spikes


Even though the quality of Flint water has been improving, tests that have been taking place detect above normal levels of lead in some cases. The high levels of lead are detected at random in some homes, so the water cannot yet be confirmed safe for drinking until such lead spikes are no more. Flint water crisis started when the source of water was switched from Detroit water system to Flint River water that corroded aging pipes and leached out lead. Detroit Water and Sewerage Department gets water from Lake Huron and adhered to strict water treatment processes in accordance to existing regulations. The highly corrosive Flint River water was not treated to the standards required because in addition to leaching lead from old pipes also contained other contaminants.


Although the source of water for Flint city was switched back to Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, that couldn’t guarantee an immediate solution to the Flint water crisis. The corrosive water from Flint River had pulled far too much lead from aging pipes and a lot of it still continues to flake off into the water in a random manner. Lead service lines will still need to be replaced and a variety of measures taken until tests confirm lead levels in the water to be normal. That leaves Flint residents with no other option than to use bottled water or at least filtered water.


Three government officials deemed to have been responsive for the water crisis in Flint have already been charged in court amid some claims of falsified evidence. Residents still demand for more people to be charged in connection to contributing to the water problems in Flint. At some point authorities continued to insist the water pumped to Flint homes was safe for drinking even when a certain research had already confirmed that not to be the case. So it took much long before the city was connected back to the water from Lake Huron. Many people have been affected by lead poisoning with the number of children that may suffer serious health conditions estimated to be up to 12,000.


As the problem with water pumped to homes in Flint appears to continue being a threat for unknown period of time, it is important for everyone in Michigan to take any steps they can to help even in terms of awareness. Use of filtered or bottled water has to continue being encouraged until tests completely confirm the safety of drinking water in Flint homes. The unity of people across the state on this issue is paramount, including support for different critical interventions and ongoing legal processes. Support any efforts geared towards helping the unknown number of people affected by lead poisoning in Flint. You could find appropriately themed Michigan t-shirts or MI Apparel that you could wear to enhance awareness and express the pride of being a Michigander helping fellow Michiganders. I recommend you check some at Livnfresh.com and be part of the efforts to help in any way you can during this crisis.

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