Learn about the causes of dog ear infections

Your dog has been living a disturbed life in the recent days. You can see how persistent they want to keep scratching the ears so that redness can be observed. You know that another ear infection is already on its way to camp on the dog ears. If you have had your dog treated for ear infections before, now you experience the intensity of the matter. The first time can be assumes. But a second and a third time calls for further knowledge if you want to keep your dog off ear infections. There are several causatives of infections in dog’s ears. If you learn about them here, you are in a better place to safeguard your dog. In all the causes, dog ear infection drops have been proven to work.

  1. Your dog’s diet

It all starts with the diet. In fact, most of the ear infections in dogs are caused by diet issues. A dog is a carnivore, you have to understand that in the first place. Their diet should be tilted more to the proteins like meat. Some dog owners forget about that completely and keep feeding their dogs with sugars like carbs. They are good for energy provision but on the negative side, ear infections can be stimulated. Yeast lives in living organisms like you, me and the dogs. Their action is however controlled with less sugars in the body. The more sugars you feed your dog, the more the yeast feast. The end result is the yeast overgrowing inside the ears causing visible infections. Don’t worry though, dog ear infection drops can work against the yeast buildup.Dog-Ear-Infection-Treatments

  1. Dog breed matters

Do you know the breed type that your dog belongs to? Well, you should be in the know. While all dogs can be suffer from ear infections, some are more susceptible to it than others. The ear design is on one thing that matters. Dogs with hanging ears that are non-erectile often fall under the category of those dogs with ear infections. The fact that the ears are not exposed creates a perfect condition for bacteria to act on them. The darkness, moist and warmth inside there is all that fungi, bacteria and mites need to facilitate their evil plans. Spaniels, retrievers and setters are some dog breeds suffering from ear infections due to their ear shapes.

  1. Parasitic action

There are certain parasites that can find their way into the ear canals and cause an invasion. Mites are known for this in dogs. Be sure that it’s really the mites behind the infection and not allergies. These two display almost the same effects. Dealing with mites is easy with dog ear infection drops. If they don’t work, go for a vet visit and advanced treatment will be recommended.

  1. Your dog’s lifestyle

Dogs too have lifestyles. Some can go out and swim while others never get near water. Others will live indoors all day while others can find their way into the woods and grass playing grounds. The more the dogs are in contact with water, the more the risk of ear infections. Indoor dogs are also considered safer than those dogs running up and down outdoors.

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