What to know when removing a tree

The process of tree removal can be a very complicated and dangerous task for you and everyone else involved if you lack the necessary skills, tools and experience to do it properly and safely. You should never attempt to remove a tree on your own, otherwise you face a great risk of serious accidents taking place. If you don’t do it properly, you can botch the entire process, and end up with a tree re-growing from the stump. Unskilled tree removal effort can also cause extensive damage to the area and property around the tree, including homes, power lines , cars and last but not least, people themselves. If you find yourself in a situation where you need a tree removed, but you lack the knowledge and the experience, you can search for and ultimately hire your local tree removal service company which will perform the tree removal process at a certain cost. In some cases, you can also rely on your community, which can sometimes do it even for free. However, if you still decide to do it on your own and, unfortunately, get hurt, you can seek help from medical assistant programs, or purchase medicinal marijuana from one of the Seattle recreational dispensaries, if you feel unbearable pain.


There are numerous reasons as to why would someone want to remove a tree from his or her property. For example, a tree can be in the way or obstruct a planned construction effort, like creating a pool or a tennis court, building a house or a building or installing a garden. Also, you might want to remove a tree because it is overshadowing your house. Perhaps a tree is in the ending cycle of its life and begins to pose a risk to the safety of its immediate surroundings. Another reason might be that a tree poses a threat to the integrity of nearby phone and electrical lines. This removal is usually handled by the utility companies. Lastly, a tree can become a nuisance as its roots can create cracks of various sizes in pools.

Before the actual process of removing, an assessment of the tree and its location needs to be performed. A plan needs to be established in order to make sure that the process is accomplished as safely as possible. Professional tree removers will ensure that the process is performed with minimum or no damage to the immediate surroundings. A precise and detailed calculation is necessary to predict the trajectory and the path of the fall of the tree, if it poses a certain threat to the house or the nearby power and telephone lines. Once these preparation steps have been completed, a professional tree trimmer will climb the tree and trim away the overgrown branches. Once the branches have been trimmed, the tree is ready to be sawed up, taken down and removed. The remaining stump can be left or, if you want, it can be removed by using explosives, digging or mechanical equipment. Once the process of tree removal is finished, the tree removal company can clean up everything at an additional expense, or you can do that on your own and give the tree remains to someone who is in the need of firewood or lumber.

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