Handy Items for Outdoor Camping

It is fun to go outdoors for fun activities, hiking or just a walk. If you are going for a camp it is essential to carry items that make your life easier in case of an emergency.

Paracord watch in place of survival kit

When outdoors, it is impossible to guess what is likely to happen therefore it is better to prepared. It is however tedious to carry a bulky survival kit equipment. A unique solution is in form of paracord watch. It is s survival band that incorporates essential survival tools in trendy time piece with patent pending strap. It is a small inconspicuous survival watch that you can wear on the wrist and use as an ordinary time watch.

A paracord watch at first site looks like a corded paracord bands and bracelets. When the bracelet is unwound, this strap will stretch to over 12ft turning to sturdy military grade parachute cord. This strong strap can be used to  help out in various station that require,  fastening, securing, pulling or tying something in wide range of survival situations.  Paracord watch is sold in various colors. It has 550 paracord bands that are different varieties as well. The pink/black 500 band is especially popular among women because this watch is for any gender.

Pack easily into space saver bags

6pc-lot-Large-Space-Saver-Saving-hand-rolling-Storage-Bag-Vacuum-Seal-Compressed-Organizer-Hot-SaleWhen going for camping, you need to take a number of essential items and clothing with you. If you are carrying a lot of luggage into space saver bags as they take in more luggage than ordinary suitcases.   With a space bag, you just need to fill it and leave around 4 inches between zip lock closure and the items.  You then reverse air flow on the vacuum, alight vacuum hose with one way valve of the bag then let it to run. It will compress the belongings inside to third of original size.

Sleep tight in handmade hammock

A handmade hammock offers has advantages over sleeping in tents. It just requires you get used to it. The main advantage of a handmade hammock is the mobility.  You can use to pitch your camp just below a tree line. It is good when you want to camp in solitude a bit away from crowds or   when you are between shelters and need to stopover for the evening.

Sleeping in a hammock is comfortable than sleeping on sleeping pad placed on the ground. It is especially comfortable to those who sleep on their back but even side sleepers can get used to it easily.

Another great advantage of hammock over tent is that it provides better shelter from heavy rain. You can hung it above water puddles on the ground but a tent cannot be placed above ground therefore storm water will find its way inside.

Keep 800 lumens flashlight at hand

Lumen works by transforming heat to electricity through difference of the body and air temperatures. It is therefore sort of an eternal flashlight in that you cannot switch it on and find that it has run out of power. 800 lumens flashlight is good for camping because it does not use batteries that require recharging.

You are n well set for outdoor adventure with the above belongings.

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