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IT Service includes a complete service on desktop and laptop computers as well as printers and other peripherals. Also, our IT services staff performs structured cabling for whatever project and costs.IT company takes great care of the selection and training of its staff as the only professional work can achieve the satisfaction of clients and partners as well as high-quality results.

BAYMPC IT SUPPORT devotes maximum attention to continuous improvement of our IT engineers, through various seminars and supplementary schools, are following their customers from purchasing equipment, and the installation, operation and subsequent expansions and upgrades.

The service data recovery from all types of media
Fast, high quality and reliable restore data from physically damaged hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, CD / DVD media, RAID system …
Data recovery from damaged hard drives.
*The data is successfully saving with drives that have logical failures, electronic problems, problems with firmware, cracked heads or jammed motor. A base of over 2000 discs and electronics parts.

Data recovery from other defective media (RAID systems, tape drives, CD / DVD, floppy, all kinds of memory cards and USB flash drives, SSD
*Data recovery is possible for all types of RAID systems
*Data recovery from all types of flash memory solid-state drives, USB flash sticks, memory cards …

Data recovery from databases and e-mails
*If you notice that the database is not working properly: Turn off the server and do not attempt any recovery tools that write data per disc. To restore the data or prevent the loss of the same benefits of licensed software for all major databases and mail servers.

Data recovery from mobile devices

Arranging maintenance of information systems
If you are interested in maintaining your equipment, as well as the corresponding system software, you are free to contact us so that we after a thorough review of your information system could provide an appropriate contract for maintenance of the information system and advise you on how to improve the respective systems to new technologies.

Design and IT support of network systems
IT support service deals with solving complex IT problems on networked information systems.The IT service team of high quality and professional engineers are ready at any time to solve problems on your information network system, which is especially true of hardware and software problems on the servers whether they are on the network workstations (as clients) or some components of the infrastructure of the information system.Our IT service support also can design you project on the professional, modern and optimized way.It is the very successful contractual relationship with clients and partners which time can be shortened by going to the intervention, reduce user costs because the cost of this form of services doesn’t cost that much and also for the quality care for the information system of the client.

BAYMPC IT support service offers a modern IT solution for your needs.
For every business company, is necessary to hire IT company, if they want to keep up with competition.

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