Fall Prevention Elderly Solutions To Keep Your Loved One Safe

bed alarms for seniorsThe way to help prevent elderly loved ones from falling down http://www.amazon.com/Bed-Alarm-Long-Term-Sensor/dp/B00I0JN8YS, and possibly getting hurt, in your home or where you work is to think of everything that could happen. Will they be on their own a lot? How can you help prevent accidents? Here are some safety measures to think about before starting.

Look around the area where the elderly person will be walking around and where they will be in general. Sometimes they will fall, whether it’s because they get dizzy naturally or because of medications. They may also slip and fall, which means you have to make sure that there aren’t a lot of problems that cause these issues to occur. Most of the time you can make sure to clear out a room and get everything off of the floor that could be slipped on. Then, make sure that carpets are flat and not easy to move into unsafe positions.

There should be coverings on any sharp corners. That way, if someone were to fall they won’t get hurt all that bad. Sure, hard surfaces can break bones and hurt people, but sharp corners can cut and really harm those that fall into them, too. You can place coverings on corners or get rid of furniture that is easy to fall into. Look into making sure things are hard to move as well so they don’t trip and have anything fall onto them so they can’t get up.

bed pad alarmThere are necklaces and other items that have buttons on them so that if an elderly person falls, they can press it and get help. This is a smart idea because if you don’t have the ability to check on them all of the time, then you will want to know that if they get hurt then they can get help. If you can’t find this kind of solution, then at least make sure there are telephones within reach of most areas of the home so they can contact someone to help in the event of an emergency.

Another option is to get the person a home care professional if they are likely to get hurt for any reason if they do things on their own. Even with someone helping, you still want to make sure you make the home as safe as possible since you don’t want them to get hurt if the home care assistance is in the restroom or doing things like making something to eat for the person they’re caring for. Have emergency numbers nearby so that if something does happen, they know what hospital to take them to or who to let know there is a problem.

A fall prevention elderly solution for home or wherever they are staying can save their life. You have to have something in place if you don’t want people to get hurt. Then it becomes much more easy to leave someone alone when you must be out at work.