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Many factors come into play to determine the success of a crowdfunding campaign. If your product does address a certain pain point convincingly, with great marketing, public relations and social media presence strategies, you should be able to achieve the goals of your campaign on popular crowdfunding platforms like indiegogo or kickstarter. First Wave PR tells us that, a lack of clear strategies on what kind of exposure is worth generating has been one of the main reasons only about 2% of crowdfunding campaigns raise at least $100,000. Working with crowdfunding PR experts gives you targeted exposure that has been proven to contribute to higher success rates.


Quality PR outreach


Well coordinated PR efforts are critical when it comes to enticing the right audience, attracting the right media attention and finally making your crowdfunding campaign the success story it should be. Since there are many inexperienced crowdfunders out there and they get it wrong in many ways, it’s important to differentiate between PR for public relations and PR for press releases First Wave PR does the hard work for you. While a press release is basically a short announcement of an event or something newsworthy, public relations is much bigger than that and encompasses a lot of strategies useful in creating and managing relationships critical to the success of a campaign.


Working with a crowdfunding PR agency like First Wave PR Reviews that has a track record of planning and managing quality PR outreach that delivers results on campaigns is the best way to go. You have to know that you engage such professionals at the earliest time possible because they will have a lot of work to do months before your crowdfunding campaign is launched on kickstarter or indiegogo. Your campaign on such platforms runs for only 30 to 60 days, so all the PR, marketing and social media efforts cannot be accommodated within such a short timeframe. Most of the strategies have to be implemented to create the necessary PR and social buzz well in advance before your crowdfunding campaign is launched. That’s critical in making your project successful in terms of meeting the target amount you intend to raise. Remember failure to meet your target no matter how high you set it and how promising your project is, still sends the wrong message and in the public eyes you will have failed. So quality PR outreach efforts should start long before the launch and that’s why you must engage experts at the right time.


Building strong media relationship


Effective PR strategies and methods are necessary to achieve great media relations before and after the launch of your crowdfunding campaign. Important contacts must be created taking into accounts what benefits to offer to them. Generic press releases have no place in crowdfunding campaigns, so the right reporters must be contacted in more personalized ways. You have to determine if you have any benefits to offer to media reporters, which means knowing the kind of stories they like to give coverage and how that benefits their audience too. If you waste the time of such reporters, they lose interest and almost never bother to give your campaign any meaningful attention if any. Experts like First Wave PR know how and when to reach out for media coverage in order to make the greatest impact for your crowdfunding project to succeed.




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