Benefits of stair climbing exercise

There are numerous activities with which we can improve our health and daily lives in general. Numerous medical studies have shown that regular activities which include walking, running or stair climbing are mostly associated with health improvement, although people usually consider some of those activities as sport. Doctors and health authorities from all around the world usually recommend the exercise of stair climbing because, according to the studies, it can lower early mortality risk by almost 33 percent by climbing 8 flights of stairs each day. Studies have also shown that stair climbing for 7 minutes a day can cut in half the risk of a heart attack. It is also worth noting that the exercise of stair climbing can stop the gain of average middle age weight. The advantages of stair climbing include the improvement of our cardiovascular fitness and it is also a known fact that stair climbing burns more calories in our bodies than, for example, jogging. The activity of stair climbing accomplishes that by increasing our heart rate, which in turn protects against the problems of high blood pressure, weight gain issues and clogged arteries. All of this ultimately leads to the lowering of the risk of developing chronic conditions including diabetes, heart disease, vascular dementia various types of cancers etc.


So, if you are interested in this kind of activity and would like to reap the benefits of it, you don’t need to worry about finding a flight of stairs to climb, wherever you are. There is a piece of equipment known as a stair climber, which you can easily find and purchase and which is specifically designed for this kind of exercise. Using a stair climbing machine, you can get all the advantages of stair climbing. Aside from the aforementioned health benefits, stair climber helps by engaging almost every major muscle in your body. If you want to burn excess calories and achieve the cardio goals you’ve set before you, then one of the best, most effective ways of doing it, is by using a stair climber. Even though a stair climber is rather simple to use, it is very important to know how to use it in the right manner. If you don’t use it correctly then you will just lose your time and fail to get what you want. You need to make sure that you assume a correct posture for the exercise every time and not lean your body on the rails. By doing that you can tone your lower body as well as improve your sense of balance and energy level.

Before you purchase a stair climber machine, you need to know a couple of things. Buying one is not a simple, straightforward task. When looking for this machine, you need to pay close attention to the quality of its construction. You can choose between two basic models; one with hydraulic pistons, the other with magnetic cables. You should also consider the stability of the machine. It should be sturdy and not wobble around every time you step on it. Lastly, you’ll want a model with a clear and user-friendly display on which you can easily monitor and track the distance you covered, speed and the number of burned calories.

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